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Baloch Republican Party condemns extra-judicial murder of Sindhi leader; Muzafar Bhutto

Baloch Republican Party condemns the extra-judicial murder of Jeay Sindh Qoumi Mahaz leader Muzafar Bhutto and terms it as the continuity of the Sindhi and Baloch genocidal policies of the occupying state of Pakistan. Abductions, extra judicial killings of political activists and recovery of bullet-riddled dead bodies slap the so-called judiciary and democratic government. Sindhi leader Basheer Khan Qureshi struggled against slavery and subjugation of Sindhi people by the state and the forces felt threaten by his noble struggle and poisoned him to death and now his ideological followers are being targeted by the occupying state.

Recovery of bullet-riddled dead body of Muzafar Bhutto is the continuity of genocidal policies. The occupying state has been abducting, torturing, extra-judicially killing and dumping the mutilated dead bodies of Baloch freedom activists from past many years and now it has started the same game in Sindh to suppress the Sindhi movement for national liberation.

Muzafar Bhutto’s dead body has been recovered in a time when the Supreme Court was hearing the cases of missing persons but as we see abductions and extra-judicial killings by the state forces see no halt which means the state forces who are committing these crimes are more powerful than the judiciary system of the state and the Supreme Court seem helpless before them because despite its repeated orders, the missing persons are not being surfaced and turning up dead instead day by day.

We are with the Sindhi people at this time of sorrow of extra-judicially murder of Muzafar Bhutto and we hope Sindhi people will intensify the struggle for the mission of Sindhi martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the national liberation. The occupying state is facing defeat and is in trouble to sustain its existence; oppressed Baloch and Sindhi people must unite and struggle against the illegal occupation of their soil by the artificial state.

We have no hope of any good from the occupying state of Pakistan and we appeal to the Human Rights Organizations, International Justice Institutions and United Nations to intervene and play their role to end the ongoing atrocities against Baloch people committed by the forces and intelligence agencies of the occupying state Pakistan.


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“Oppressor defines the nature of struggle”- Mandela

Author: Comrade Fulani

We Sindhi’s are confronting tyranny and imperialism since 65 years of Pakistan after the end of British Colonization when British annexed Sindh in 1843 Sindhi nation is in bondage since 1843 till now. After confronting the imperialism of British now our masses and resources are being exploited by Pakistan as well as facing Sindhi nation is facing political, cultural and economic hegemony of Pakistani colonizers.

We are struggling for “Total Independence” and our battle is two-fold battle one is our internal foe; feudal and traitors and other is against the Pakistani Colonization.

After 65 years of non-violent struggle and their way of suppressing and brutalizing the Sindhi nation shift us to violent struggle because oppressor defines the nature of struggle that is the only path left for liberty but we have to be in contact with masses. Guerilla war would accelerate the struggle and retaliate as Pakistani are oppressing and suppressing Sindhi nation.

When violence is in self-defense it’s not violence it’s intelligence. The ultimate way to our struggle is organized and disciplined Guerilla war. Organized guerilla war will destroy Pakistan economically because Sindh is the backbone of Pakistani economy.

I’m sharing a paragraph written by Prof. Gul Agha on future on Sindh.
“An independent Sindh will serve as a natural conduit for oil and gas pipelines from energy rich Central Asia to energy starved South Asia. Without an entrenched bureaucracy, Sindh will rapidly lead the way to economic expansion in South Asia. Most significantly for the rest of the world, given its long peaceful Sufi tradition, an independent Sindh will provide a bulwark against fanaticism and promote peace and prosperity.”

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