Exploitation of indigenous Sindhi nation


“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. Malcolm X

Join the rally to protest against the exploitation of Indigenous Sindhi masses by establishing mega-project like Zulifqarabad project and Coal mining projects in occupied and colonized Sindh.

Call to the international community, the environmental groups, human rights and civil society organizations around the world to save the indigenous people of Sindh from the most atrocious mega-project in the history of humankind – Zulifqarabad 

Colonialism could end but perilous settlers-colonialism rarely ends so Zulifqarabad is the new game by Pakistani-occupiers to change the demography of Sindh.

Sindhi nation already have suffered the Pakistani-occupation and colonialism by which Sindh’s resources and masses are being exploited. Land of Guddu and Sukkur Barrage in Sindh were allotted to Punjabi-Bureaucrats, Punjabi fascist army generals and Punjabi landlord’s even advertisement for sale of land was not published in Sindh, it was published in Punjab.

Pakistani establishment want settlers-colonialism in Sindh to change the demography of occupied Sindh with the help of Chinese investors, occupied and colonized nation don’t want any development by occupiers except liberty.

Pakistani establishment with Chinese assistance plans to create mega city Zulifqarabad over the vast area of Southern Sindh. Indigenous people of Sindh fear that Chinese aided project will result in the eviction of the indigenous people including ancient fishing communities from the area. Many experts have alerted Pakistani government that the proposed project is environmental disaster by removing ecological features and natural protection to the coastal areas.

Chinese companies also have authorized to commence Thar coal mining project in Sindh. Indigenous Sindhi fear that they will be displaced by this world’s 5th largest coal mining project.  Sindhi’s believe that both China led projects will displace hundreds of thousands of indigenous Sindhi’s settled for thousands of years.  The rally is organized to inform international community against this proposed economic genocide of indigenous Sindhi people and submit a letter for Chinese government not to be part in this crime against humanity.

Organizer: World Sindhi Congress

Sunday August 5th, 2012 @ 2:00-4:00pm



66 Portland place,Opposite Chinese Embassy,

London W1B 1JL  Nearest tube station- Regent’s Park


Rubina Greenwood  07974225219

Lakhu Luhana    07825828163



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