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Armed Struggle For Sindhudesh and Balochistan

The principle of armed struggle for the seizure of power is a universal principle of revolutionary way. This principle was concrete analysis on the relationship between people and state. The military arm of the state is against the people when the state is in the hands of oppressors who want to suck the blood of Sindhi and Baloch nations. The armed wing of the Punjabi colonial forces has repeatedly attacked the people of Sindh and Balochistan, arguing against any protest against any expression of popular will of the Sindhi and Baloch nations for freedom. The electoral path, indicated by the reformists, not only hides the fact that the majority people can not express its will in a unitary form of indirect election and abstract, but also hides the fact that any election result is very appropriate to the regime annulled by the pressure violent armed wing of the state. The armed struggle of the masses is made necessary by the Punjabi colonial force itself, which is opposite the popular struggle against the reaction with the strengthening of the military wing and the financing of teams armed military-fascist. Every slightest desire of the people will finally be satisfied only by breaking the armed resistance of the Punjabi colonial force with the armed force of the people of Sindh and Balochistan. It is about giving life to the armed struggle when it corresponds to the conscience of the majority of the toiling masses. This means that the armed struggle differing forms depending on the reports that there are between people of Sindh and Balochistan and the Punjabi colonial state. In a country of developed capitalism, until the crisis of revolutionary general, mediation policy prevails over the armed repression, and then the people will see the need for armed struggle only when the revolutionary crisis. That the armed struggle in these countries is in the process culminating in the revolutionary struggle, taking the form of popular uprising. So in Sindh and Balochistan, the armed struggle becomes possible and necessary in the decisive battle in which the mass struggles have turned into power struggles and facing the Sindhi and Baloch nations with armed aggression by Punjabi colonial forces.


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“Oppressor defines the nature of struggle”- Mandela

Author: Comrade Fulani

We Sindhi’s are confronting tyranny and imperialism since 65 years of Pakistan after the end of British Colonization when British annexed Sindh in 1843 Sindhi nation is in bondage since 1843 till now. After confronting the imperialism of British now our masses and resources are being exploited by Pakistan as well as facing Sindhi nation is facing political, cultural and economic hegemony of Pakistani colonizers.

We are struggling for “Total Independence” and our battle is two-fold battle one is our internal foe; feudal and traitors and other is against the Pakistani Colonization.

After 65 years of non-violent struggle and their way of suppressing and brutalizing the Sindhi nation shift us to violent struggle because oppressor defines the nature of struggle that is the only path left for liberty but we have to be in contact with masses. Guerilla war would accelerate the struggle and retaliate as Pakistani are oppressing and suppressing Sindhi nation.

When violence is in self-defense it’s not violence it’s intelligence. The ultimate way to our struggle is organized and disciplined Guerilla war. Organized guerilla war will destroy Pakistan economically because Sindh is the backbone of Pakistani economy.

I’m sharing a paragraph written by Prof. Gul Agha on future on Sindh.
“An independent Sindh will serve as a natural conduit for oil and gas pipelines from energy rich Central Asia to energy starved South Asia. Without an entrenched bureaucracy, Sindh will rapidly lead the way to economic expansion in South Asia. Most significantly for the rest of the world, given its long peaceful Sufi tradition, an independent Sindh will provide a bulwark against fanaticism and promote peace and prosperity.”

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