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10th August Sindhudesh flag day.

“For a colonized people the most essential value, because the most concrete, is first and foremost the land: the land which will bring them bread and, above all, dignity.”  Frantz Fanon

Sindhi nation will mark 10th August as Sindhudesh flag day, Sindh is a country since thousands of years and which is always being attacked by the occupiers, tyrants, colonizers and imperialists for their interests. Since 65  years Sindhi nation is in bondage and occupied. Sindh is confronting worst form of colonialism of Pakistan. Sindhi nation want liberty from rogue state Pakistan nothing else. On 10th August students, workers, freedom fighters all will hoist the flag of Independent Sindhudesh and will tell the world that Sindhi are a nation and we are being occupied by world’s terrorist country Pakistan.

I am the flag of the Sindh
I fly on the Moen-jo-Daro
I fly on the houses of freedom fighters
I fly on the oppressed nation houses
Look up and see me.
I stand for freedom, resistance, peace
I am confident.
I am proud.
Look up and see me
I am proud martyrs are covered with me,
Martyrs rest by covering me.
Because of martyrs I also become immortal.



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